Friday, July 03, 2009

Not Pleased...At All...

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First, I made a huge mistake, I put WAY too much frosting in the bag. Then, I did one rose, the border, then went back and did the rest of the roses. BIG MISTAKE. My hand warmed up the frosting too much. And, instead of just letting it cool, I wanted to get this tamn dhing done. Moreover, when I did the top border, I accidentally hit the shells and they drooped a little. OOPS.

I also learned that I hate the whole red/blue trim I put in the bag. It was a good experiment, but I won't do it for roses again.

Ok, well, I shouldn't curse, because this cake is for people I love, but I am angry at myself for how I did it.

So, now I must say 3 things I like about it:
1.) The center rose looks awesome
2.) The bottom border turned out well.
3.) I used a butter cake recipe and dyed part of the batter blue, part red, and left part a cream color. I then placed the cream color in the bottom of two 9-inch pans, and put the red batter on top of 1 cake, and blue on the other.

Tomorrow is the get-together at our house, and I'm making quite a bit of food, so I'm hoping to grab another picture of the cake once it has been cut. Plus, I may have a plethora of recipes to report for the next week.

Now, I am going to go and clean everything up. I'm glad we didn't go down the stadium for fireworks tonight, because it's been raining since about 9:20. Plus, we now have a thunderstorm.

I wonder if this will deter the ickheads who shot off fireworks at 3 a.m. this morning from doing it again tonight?!

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