Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mom's Easter Crosses

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My mom always made these for our Easter baskets when my brothers and I were younger, because her mother did it for her. Since Mom was super busy this year, she asked me to make the crosses. They're super simple, yet fun!

To make just ONE cross you need the following:
1 regular sized Snickers candy bar
2 fun size Snickers candy bars
1 wooden toothpick
1-2 cups of butter cream frosting (I colored mine with yellow and green paste, but you an do any color)

Take wrappers off of candy bars and lay the regular size Snickers vertically in front of you. Approximately 3/4 of an inch from the top of the Snickers bar insert the toothpick so that the toothpick goes all the way through the bar and is horizontal to you. At this point there should be about 1/2 inch of toothpick on each side. Then, carefully attach one fun sized Snickers bar on each end of the tooth pick.

Frost with your name/names, flowers, leaves, etc. The design changes each year. Since I have been teaching myself how to frost cakes I decided to practice leaves on the crosses this year.

Both of my brothers love these and Jeff loves anything that involves Snickers, so since I'm a betting woman, I would bet that this is one tradition that's going to keep on going.

Note: I forgot to take a picture until we got home tonight. I ate the part that said my name, Toni, on the cross above, so I just added another fun sized bar that I had on hand.

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