Sunday, May 03, 2009

Contest: 4th of July Party

We're thinking of having a 4th of July Party here...what type of food would you serve? I don't do weight watchers on the holidays (because I'm lazy like that--which also proves why I need to be on it for the rest of the year), but I'm contemplating the following menu:

grilled brats/burgers
chicken sandwiches with roasted red pepper and goat cheese
creamy mac salad (see archives)
coleslaw (see archives)
Parmesan asparagus?!
corn on the cob?!
baked beans?!
fruit cups
cheese plate with crackers
baked chips
LOTS and LOTS of beer--don't worry, we have plenty of room to put people up

Ina Garten's flag cake (I made this last year and everyone loved it)

I feel like I'm missing I have a contest. I will send the new Taste of Home magazine to a random commenter who leaves a recipe idea. I will leave this open until Thursday.

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