Monday, June 01, 2009

Ham and Pickle Wrap

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In my quest to eat soft food items until my dentist appointment on Wednesday morning, I made one of my favorite recipes. This was one of those wraps that I created using the inspiration of my favorite appetizer: pickle pinwheels.

1 flour tortilla--the small ones that are Heart Healthy
1 large round pickle, or 2-4 pickle spears
1 serving of deli sliced ham (the stuff I have is 6 slices for 50 calories)
1 oz. fat free cream cheese

Lay the tortilla flat and spread about 1/3 of the cream cheese across it. Then, place the ham over the tortilla. Spread the rest of the cream cheese over the ham. On one side of the tortilla place the pickle(s) and tightly wrap up.

I absolutely love this when I need a fast lunch or snack. If you're doing Weight Watchers this comes in as 4 points, so it definitely doesn't ruin your diet. I paired it with a serving of baked Doritos, so this was a wonderful 6-point lunch. Too bad I'm not doing weight watchers right now, though.

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