Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ranch Chicken Sammie

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This sandwich is a great change from the usual chicken sandwich that I eat. Then again, whenever I have chicken sandwiches (even when I eat out) I generally have a plain piece of chicken on a bun with a tomato and dip it into BBQ sauce or ketchup. However, after tonight, I might be eating all of my chicken sandwiches this way.

1 lb chicken (I pounded mine down a little so they were a little more flat and thus, more mouth friendly.)
1/2-1/3 cup light ranch dressing
1 TBSP Teriyaki sauce
2 pieces of 2% mild cheddar
1 tomato, cut to slices
4 tsp Light Miracle Whip
4 light wheat buns (80 calories each!)

Mix ranch and Teriyaki in a plastic freezer bag, then add chicken. (NOTE: You may need to pound chicken and cut into sandwiches. For instance, I had to pound, then cut my chicken in half to make 4 servings.) Let marinate for at least 30 minutes. Take out of fridge 10 minutes before grilling. Discard the marinade, and grill chicken until done. Put 1/2 piece of cheese on each piece of chicken after grilling (tent with foil if you need to do so), to melt the cheese. Meanwhile spread 1 tsp LMW on each bun top. When cheese is melted place chicken on bottom bun, then add tomato. Top with the top bun.


Verdict: I liked this! I really did! The ranch flavor is very mild, but keeps the chicken moist.

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