Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunshine Salad

Yes, I am pathetic, and that's why I named this salad after my Internet alter-ego.

1 can sugar free or lite can of fruit cocktail, drained
1 apple, diced
1 box of sugar free lemon Jell-o

Mix in a large bowl and add a handful of marshmallows. Can add raisins, bananas, oranges, or any other fruit you desire. It's different every time I make it.

Can try different Jell-o flavors as well!

Jeff actually liked this! I was so impressed, because he ate fruit for supper! FRUIT! I love that I can eat healthy items like this and he'll try them, too.

Edit: August 07, 2007
I just made this with 2 cans of sugar-free pears, drained and a 1 box of sugar-free Jell-o. YUM!

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