Monday, March 30, 2009

Buffalo Burgers

We found buffalo/bison meat at Wh0le F00ds this weekend and had to try some. We usually only eat it a couple times per year, because it is wicked expensive, but Wh0le F00ds has ground buffalo for only $5.99/lb so we picked some up. YUM.

1 lb ground buffalo meat
--I used Lawry's seasoning salt and ground black pepper on mine
--I used lemon pepper seasoning and garlic salt of Jeff's

Grill on the Ge0rge F0reman or your favorite grill.

These were super moist and had a wonderful taste. Not only do they make your mouth water, but buffalo is low in fat and calories--even compared to chicken!

I do have to warn you that nothing will ever compare to the bison meat we had up in Cody, Wyoming...but this was still fantastic!

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