Thursday, August 06, 2009

Course 2 Cake

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Course 2 is done! Course 3 starts tomorrow, and it's a fondant course. That will be interesting!

Anyway, the butter cream basket weave technique was way more easy than I first thought. In fact, I thought it went fairly fast. The butter cream rope, though, is a very slow, tedious, mundane task. Needless to say, the rope is NOT my favorite technique.

But, not only were the rope and basket weave done by me, but all of the flowers, leaves and the birds. The the leaves were done with butter cream, the birds were done using color flow and the flowers were done using royal icing.

I made violets, daisies, rosebuds, pansies, roses, primroses, mums, apple blossoms and daffodils.

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