Friday, October 21, 2011

Porcupine Roadkill

Porcupine Roadkill
This afternoon I was thinking about supper, and for some reason porcupine meatballs came to mind. However, I didn't want to heat up the house, and to be honest with you, I didn't feel like starting supper at four. So, instead of meatballs, I thought, why not make roadkill? I'll just brown the burger in the skillet and add ingredients. Additionally, I wouldn't have to cut up a meatball into tiny sections for Mason. That fact alone made me want to make porcupine roadkill.

I like skillet meals, because they are a fast meal. However, many skillet meals call for a lot of cheese, and aren't always that healthy. This one, on the other hand, easily fits into my Weight Watchers Plan. Plus, it's easy to eat for Mason. 

1 lb ground beef, 93% lean
1 15 oz can tomato sauce
1-1 1/2 cups hot water
1 cup instant brown rice, uncooked
2 tbsp packed brown sugar

Brown ground beef over medium heat in a large skillet.  Add tomato sauce and water (I originally started with 1 cup of water, but I added more as the rice was cooking) to the beef, then stir in uncooked rice. Let mixture come to a boil until rice is tender. Stir in brown sugar and simmer until mixture is reduced, yet still moist.

This yields 4 servings (one cup each) at 8 Points+. 

VERDICT: I liked it, and so did Mason. Jeff thought it needed onion, but those of us who like bland food, this was right up our alley. Pair this with a fruit and a vegetable, and you have a very well-rounded meal.

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