Wednesday, November 09, 2011

BBQ Cowboy Beans

I got the idea for this meal from $5 Dinners, but I had a "duh" moment while making them...why haven't I ever tried doing this before? I couldn't bring myself to add tomatoes to the dish. First, the tomatoes I bought didn't look great; second, it just didn't seem to mesh with this dish--at least in my head. This meal was very hearty, and tasted fantastic. We will DEFINITELY be having this again. 

1 lb ground beef--I use 93% lean
1 15 oz can (or two cups) black beans
1 15 oz can (or two cups) pinto beans
1 cup Bulls Eye BBQ sauce
1/2 cup hot water

Brown the ground beef, then add the beans and the BBQ sauce. Stir, then add the hot water, and simmer for 10-20 minutes (you don't have to add the water and do this, I just like to simmer my meat in sauces). Serves 6 (almost 7!) at 3/4 cup of mixture.[At some point I will make this again, and I will try serving it at 2/3 and let you know.]

Because it didn't quite make 7 servings, I had to say 6 servings, so this came in at 7 Points+ per serving.

VERDICT: I paired this up with cornbread (which came in at 3 points) for a very hearty meal. Oh, and we had a banana for our fruit. Jeff already asked for me to make this again...he wanted next week, but due to my schedule I had to grocery shop for two weeks in a row, so he's going to have to wait! But, we all LOVED this meal and will have it again!

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